Global FRAND & SEP Symposium

Every day billions of people benefit from the interoperability of internet-connected devices. Often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), the associated global ecosystem is rapidly evolving and impacting companies and consumers. Not surprisingly, the annual market value associated with the IoT will exceed $7 trillion USD in 2025.

The Global FRAND & SEP Symposium is an event that was conceived to shed light on the complex economic and legal framework of the IoT. Participants will learn more about recent IP, contract and antitrust issues faced by both large and small companies operating within the IoT ecosystem. Special attention will be given to the national and international challenges presented by standard essential patents (SEPs).

During the symposium, a panel of in-house experts will share their thoughts on today’s most pressing business and legal issues. Legal decision-makers will provide insight on resolving SEP and FRAND disputes. Scholars will assess governmental efforts aimed at balancing industry incentives and innovation, such as licensing policies. IP and antitrust lawyers will present the latest developments regarding the law of standardization in jurisdictions such as the U.S. and China.


In-house counsel and advanced patent practitioners in SEP relevant industries such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, transportation and medical devices.